Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

rejuvenate Your Smile 

Having a teeth whitening treatment can make you look healthier and younger. You’ll want to flash your smile at every available opportunity! 

At the Zenith Clinic our teeth whitening products are the best on the market, because we care about your teeth. There are two options: In Practice whitening (application by the dentist) or Home Whitening. In Practice whitening costs a little more but guarantees an excellent level of whiteness (known in the industry as a B1 shade). If you ask in one of our practices, they can show you a colour shade sample. Teeth whitening is generally suitable and safe for everyone and will not harm your teeth. 

With great offers now on… 

Teeth Whitening

Concerned About Childrens Health?

Homeopathy and Nutrition can bring about profound improvements in children’s well-being at all levels, setting a child in good stead for a healthy and happy life.

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