Benefits of C.E.A.S Autism Therapy

What is CEASE Therapy?

CEASE Therapy is a system of assessing previous toxic exposures, which may be related to on-going current ailments, and treating them homeopathically. 

CEASE Therapy was first devised by a Dutch medical doctor and homeopath, Dr Tinus Smits, to counteract any lasting unwanted side effects of vaccinations, medications or other chemical exposures in children. 

CEASE therapy’s use has now expanded to recover the health of both children and adults who find that toxic build-up has a role to play in many different health challenges. 

CEASE Therapy has 3 main aspects to the treatment: 

Individualised Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy 

The constitutional homeopathic remedy is a vital part of the treatment. This remedy is usually given on a daily or weekly basis during the detox period.

Concerned About Childrens Health?

Homeopathy and Nutrition can bring about profound improvements in children’s well-being at all levels, setting a child in good stead for a healthy and happy life.


Isotherapy is a specific form of homeopathy. It involves giving homeopathic remedies prepared from the exact substance that may have caused the unwanted side effects.  The purpose is to detox the body from lasting negative effects. 

To guide me in choosing which substances should be detoxed, We look at the nature of the presenting symptoms and we assess the case history for past toxic exposures relevant to the symptoms. 

The Isotherapeutic or detox remedy is usually given once or twice a week.

Vitamin Support

This involves giving a small number of supplements to nourish the brain and to support the body during detoxification.

Feeling Bloated?

The complex way food affects our everyday lives is an emerging area and diagnosing the cause of symptoms which seem to be ‘unexplained’ is often difficult.

Who is CEASE Therapy For?

Clients who find that, while some symptoms are resolved, others are not touched by their constitutional remedy 

Children who have been exposed to various potentially toxic substances in utero or in infancy and are now presenting with health complaints 

Children and adults suffering from various post vaccine injury syndromes 

People with auto-immune conditions or other complex health complaints 

People who have had many medications in the past 

Anyone who feels they have not been well since a particular toxic exposure

Suffering From Migraines?

Cupping therapy is a non-painful method of health treatment used by our Noble and illustrious prophet Muhammad S.A.W on many occasions for different conditions but specially for pain relief.

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